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Translation Rules of Crystal Trix

Dear all fellow readers of our blog. We have an announcement for all of you that we are opening our sites human translation rules. That means you – who are the registered user of this site can be able to translate any of our site’s post in your own language.

Conditions for translating a post of your own language-

1. First you have to ensure that the post you are trying to translate is not available on that particular language in crystaltrix.com

2. If the post is not translated by anyone before on that language you want to translate then you can start translate the post.

Translation rules of any post-

1. First you have to be a registered member of Crystal Trix
2. If you are not registered already then click here to sign up for this site.
3. After registration go to your dashboard and then click on “post”
4. After that click “add new”
5. Then the editor page will visible in front of your eyes.
6. On the editor page write the same title as it is on the post you are translating.
7. Then start typing your text.
8. After finishing your translation just click on publish button and your post will submitted to us.
9. If we found that everything is accurate then it will take maximum 72 hours to publish your translated post.

You are requested to follow all the rules for the translation of any posts. If we found that you have violated any of those rules then our moderators may not approve your version of translation. So, if you want to publish your translated post, it is must to follow all the recommendations. Or if you want to write new post then follow the rules for creating new post. It is your responsibility to follow the rules otherwise your posts will not be published. So,try to co operate by following the rules.

NB- If you translate any post then you do not need to add any additional CSS or image on that post just add the title and text. And submit it. When our moderators will review your translation they will do the external CSS and other necessary things. Thank you.


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