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New post submission notice

How to Write a New Post on Crystal Trix –

To write a new post on crystal trix you need to be a registered member of this site. Currently, you can register on our site only through Facebook, LinekdIn and manually by your E-mail.

Click here to register or click “Sign Up” from the navigation menu.

This will take you to the registration page.  If you want to manually create an account then follow criteria given below –

Click on Registrar Options after filling up the form with valid Email and User Name.

After that, a registration link will be mailed to your email (Check the Spam box if you do not get mail in the inbox). Clicking on the Activation link will take you to the Account Activation page. There you have to create a new password to activate the account.

But if you don’t want that much hassle.  Then you can login directly with Facebook and Linkdin.

Process of writing –

You can start writing after creating an account in Crystal Trix. For this, you must first go to the “User Area” from the navigation menu and click on “Write New Post“. Then you will go to the post editor page of wordpress. There you can start writing.

Rules for writing –

★ Your post’s language may be different but the title of the post should be always in English.

★ Title should be at least 4 words long.

★ The word count of the post should be 250 minimum .

★ The recommended size for Featured Image is 1200 * 630 pixels. You can use this website Resizer for image size control Or if you want to use the App, you will find  various App in Playstore or App Store. (Recommended picture type jpg low quality)

★ If you want to post in Bangla, then you have to post in Pure Bengal or if you want to write post in english it should be simple english so that everyone can understand.

★ You should not Copy – Paste others posts.  If you copy the content you should  give credit of the real author and also with permission.

★ You should not use screenshot f it is not necessary .  But if you want to embed YouTube video, you can.

★ If you are writing a tutorial, you must explain it step by step.  You have to write in such a way that, all the readers should understand what are you trying to teach. You can also add the tutorial video of your  YouTube channel’s. But, it is must to explain it by words in the blog post.

★ Never post a link on your own site or social media link at the starting of your post .

★ At the end of the post you can create a separate contact section and give all your links there.

★ If you use shorted link with no ads can then it is okay.

★ If you want to make money by posting wrong news then we will not publish your post .

★ It is better to use Google Drive for link sharing or to share from any other trusted link sharing sites.

Thank you for reading .  If you follow all the steps correctly then you can apply to be the moderator of our site.  For this you need to post atleast 20+ unique posts . And follow the rules on the contact page to apply.


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