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JAVA Programming Tutorial Part 2 : Required Software And Setup

JAVA Programming Tutorial Part 2 – Required Software And Setup :

Hello everyone , Welcome to the 2nd part of JAVA Programming Tutorial. In this part we will know about the required software and how to set up them.

JAVA Programming Tutorial Part 2 : Required Software And Setup

Basically, to become a java programmer or developer you need to have JDK ( JAVA Development Kit ). And also a IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ) to make easier your coding.

setting up netbeans and jdk

JDK ( JAVA Development Kit ) :

There are many IDE available for making and developing apps or programmes with JAVA. Such as – Eclips, InteliJ IDE, Android Studio, Dr. JAVA etc. All the IDE have different methods but works are all the same. You can work any of the IDE stated above or other. But I will do all my works in future tutorial with NetBeans IDE.

How to Install JDK and NetBeans IDE in your PC :

As we will start from the very first , please delete and uninstall all the previous version of JDK and NetBeans IDE from your computer. If you do not know then let me help you.

Process of uninstalling and removing IDE and JDK :

Step 1 : Write “Control Panel” on your desktop search bar an when found click to the icon to open it.

Step 2 : In control panel you will find “Uninstall a programme” sub menu under the Programmes menu. Click on the “Uninstall a programme” section and find the JAVA and JAVA SE Programme and the Netbeans IDE if you already install it.

Step 3 : Delete the JAVA folders inside the C Drive.

Now we are all set to install the JAVA JDK and Netbeans IDE.

How to Install JAVA JDK and Netbeans IDE :

As we have already uninstalled all the previous version of JAVA JDK and Netbeans IDE now lets follow the steps given below to set up our PC for JAVA Programming –

Step 1 : First check the version of your Operating System(OS). To check the OS Version – Right click on “This PC” and the click on properties. There will be a window in front of you. Now note the OS type Either it is 64 bit or 32 bit.

Step 2 : Start with any browser that you like most and search “JDK with Netbeans”.

Step 2 : Search the first or any other result which says “Search Results Web results JDK 8u111 with NetBeans 8.2 – Oracle

Step 3 : Then on the ” Accept Licence Agreement ” And you will se the unlocked download link. Now download the version according to your System type.

NB: If any message harm message appears just ignore it and click on keep.

Step 4 : After downloading the programme go to the downloads folder and find the programme file. And double click to open it. It will take a few time to preparing the installer for working in progress. when it will be ready you will see a dialogue box asking you to click on “Next” button. Click on the button.

Step 5 : After clicking on next you will see another box asking licence permission. give the permission and again press next button. Then you will find the option for changing the installation folder. if you want to keep it default just press the next button. Soon it will be starting to install. Now wait for completing the installation. When the installation will be complete just click on finish to close the installer. you are all done. Now you can see the NetBeans is installed in your computer Desktop. Just double click to open it.

Checking the installation is Right or Wrong:

Now we have done withe our installation process. If you want to check the software is working or not. For checking the software –

Step 1 : Double click NetBeans to open the software. It will take a little bit as you are opening it for the first time. so do not be panic.

Step 2 : When the Software will open, the re will be a start page opened in front of you. you want to manage it whether you want to keep it every time you open the software or not. For doing so, just check or uncheck the box which says – “show on start up”.

Step 3 : Now click on file and select create new. Choose a project as java and click next. Then give a name of your project and click on finish.

Step 4 : Your project is creating. After finishing create the programme just Write a line :

System.out.println("Hello World");

Inside the

Public static void main (String [] args){


main class stated above. After that right click on the code then click on run file or (Shift + F6) to run your code. if you can see the Hello world At the bottom as output it means your installation is successful. And there is no error.

SO we are done with our installation for today. If you are facing any problem then comment below or contact me I will help you to solve the problem Insha Allah.

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