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Adobe Illustrator Masterclass Tutorial part 1- User Interface

Adobe Illustrator Masterclass Tutorial – User Interface, Download and Setup :

Hello everyone, This is SAM from Crystal Trix. Welcome to the adobe illustrator masterclass tutorial.here you will get A to Z Tutorial of Adobe Illustrator.

So, before getting started you should have the Adobe Illustrator cc 2019 or above version. Also a request from me If you are new then Subscribe this channel.If you have the Software, then open the software.


Download Link Adobe Illustrator :

Or, if you don’t ,then look below for the download link

Drive Link (Pre -Activated):

Official Link (adobe) :

[NB: Please use the free version if you do not have money to buy the theme and educational purpose.]Comment below if you need any help.]

After downloading the software install and open it.Now follow the instruction I am sharing with you .

Master Class Tutorial Adobe Illustrator :

Adobe Illustrator masterclass tutorial

Today Our topic is, User interface of adobe Illustrator. So, let’s get started:

If you have already open your Illustrator then you will find this kinds interface in front of you.You will find an welcoming message like this, “Let’s design a great graphics today” Or something else.Also, you will find “Create a new file” option after that line,with also some page presets.Such as :

  • Letter or A4
  • Postcard
  • web page etc.

You can create a new file by only clicking on any of that design presets.But if you look left top side of your window .you will find two button under the home menu.

One is open : This is for opening the previous works you have done with the Illustrator.

and The other is “create new”.Now lets see what these two button does?

Okay, let’s click on this create new button this will open a new window in front of you like this In this window you will find some presets of your recent works and also some predefined art boards. You can choose your art board from these presets

Or you can build by your own art board from the right side of your window.Here you will find the scope to edit your art board size name and color.From here we can also set our file name to anything we want.lets for this tutorial give the name Introduction : User Interface.

You can change the file size and unit of measurements to inches,points picas ,pixels etc. but for this tutorial let’s chose A4 from presets menu.

then if look at the right side You will see that it is showing the measurement size in these boxes always you can change the units by selecting from these drop down options.

You can also change the orientation path either horizontal or vertical, For this tutorial lets select this.Also you can increase or decrease the number of your art board from here.

Lets keep it 1 for the purpose of this tutorial.you can also set the bleed option from here( we will discuss about bleed later on the course). But we will not take any bleed for now.

Now let’s go to the advanced section of this window.you can also change the color mode to CMYK or RGB here. You should keep in mind that we will use CMYK color mode when we will work on a printable design. and if we want to design web based design then we will use the RGB color mode.

As our work will not be printed so, we are keeping it in the RGB format.

From this advanced section you can also change the raster effects : keep it 300 PPI for the high resolution design and 72 for the low resolution design. we will keep our work in high resolution so select the 300 PPI option.

Again, you should keep the the preview mode as default.Now click on this create button. this will create an art board for you design like this.

This large white space is the art board for your design. All the things you will do inside this will be the part of your design.Now look at the left side of your illustrator. These are all the tools which we will use to design our illustrations.

If you can not see all the tools here or you are missing some tools .that means you are using other templates.for using this templates click here and select the painting template.now you may have not find the navigator like this . for enabling this go to the window by clicking here and click on this navigator.and then drag the navigator and drop it here.So, Now we are done with the customization of our workspace.

if you now look left side its are all the same tools which I have in my window. Now if you troubling find any of this tool then comment below I will help you enabling this tools.

Now look at the top bar of your window.here you will find options like file, effects ,edit etc.

Here you can do many styles of your design. We will also talk about those also. As it is an Intro video I am not discussing much.though I am discussing the basic things which you can’t ignore. Every time for making any design and shape you will need this and the thing is fill and stroke – you will find these two from here.

The fill color is the main color of a shape. and the stroke is the outline color for that shape.here you can see the stroke size. If you increase the number the stroke will be bigger and if you decrease the number it will be thinner.

Also, from here you can change the opacity value of a shape of your design.from here you can use different kinds of symbols and from here you can change the brush sized and styles.

Also here are many tools which I will discuss more briefly about all of them. So, till then stay safe and happy

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